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Create and Collect NFTs Safely

For creators

Protect your NFT projects and artwork from plagiarism with Aegis (coming soon).

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For Marketplaces

Save time and resources, and protect your users from unwittingly buying counterfeit NFTs.

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For Collectors

Verify NFTs aren’t copies before you buy them, and protect your collection into the future from fakes with Aegis (coming soon).

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Catalyst Proposals

ProofSpace x Argus - IDs 4 NFTs

Combining ProofSpace's DID protocol & Argus, build on Cardano the most scalable, comprehensive solution in the industry for verifying the legitimacy of NFT projects and authenticity of NFTs.

By Anthony

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Cross-Chain Fake NFT Protection

Build a cross-chain, AI/ML-powered, asset & IP protection service for Cardano and Ethereum NFTs, and market the service's availability on Cardano to Ethereum, NFT project owners and collectors.

By Giovanni

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NFTs offer revolutionary ways to protect and monetize intellectual property. But NFT markets are plagued by intellectual property theft.
ArgusIn Greek Mythology, Argus was a hundred-eyed, all-seeing titan.Our Argus uses machine learning to see and distinguish between original NFTs, similar NFTs and counterfeits across multiple blockchains - sharing this insight with NFT marketplaces.
AegisIn Greek mythology, the Aegis was a symbol of divine protection.Our Aegis protects creators, collectors and brands from bad actors trying to profit off their NFT assets and intellectual property.

Our Team

GiovanniCo-Founder and CTO. ML Engineer, SPO & Plutus Pioneer
AnthonyCo-Founder and CBDO. Business development, product research and marketing.
KurtBackend application developer. Cardano SPO, Plutus Pioneer, and Entrepreneur.
JaimeFull Stack & Mobile Engineer. SPO and Cardano Wallet Developer.
JasonMachine Learning & Data Science Advisor.

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